The dominance of UCF Football


Over the past couple of years, The UCF Knights football team has been on a tear. They went undefeated last year and ranked number 8 overall in their league. Falsely, but passionately, Knight nation then declared themselves the official 2018 National Champions, causing an absolute uproar from fans of college football. They added to the flame again this year when they went undefeated and placed number 8 overall for the second time in a row. Knights fans are not pleased as they have been left out of the college football playoffs even after these two undefeated seasons.


Although, these hefty accomplishments have been diminished by other college teams contributing their success to the fact they play easier teams than those going to the playoffs.


“I don’t think UCF should even be in the top 15, they never play anyone good in the regular season, and play teams that could care less about bowl games,” junior, Brendon Guthrie, explained.


However, Knight Nation will tell you different. They believe going undefeated and then beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl deserves a spot in the college playoff. Let alone, going undefeated twice in a row, and still not earning a deserved spot to compete for the national championship trophy or even any kind of recognition.


No matter whose side you’re on, UCF’s recent accolades and skills in general are very impressive for a team their tier. They’ve shown heart with each game played, and never make it easy for their opponent. The Knights truly look at themselves as champions, which is why they cannot lose.