High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Ranking

Where did your favorite Wildcat place?


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This article contains spoilers.

  1. Carlos Rodriguez

Taking the number one spot, Carlos was not only a great character but a valuable leader to his peers. Carlos brought comedic relief and more structure to the show, as he was known for his head spot on Colorguard and his inevitable future on Broadway. He became Miss Jen’s right-hand man and was always there when she was in a pickle. For instance, Carlos choreographed a flash mob in order for Miss Jen to keep her job as the theatre teacher. This demonstrates just how committed he is to helping his friends, thus earning Carlos the number one spot. 

       2. Ashlyn Caswell

Ashlyn is a positive, radiant ball of sunshine, who’s loyal to her cousin, while also determined to lead him on the right path. Though her loyalty to E.J. may have resulted in tricky situations, it was clear her actions were motivated by nothing but the best intentions. Not only was Ashlyn a great friend, but she was an exceptional singer and songwriter. In the show, her character earned the role of Ms. Darbus in the school play and even got to write a ballad titled “Wondering” which took everyone’s breath away. Without Ashlyn, this show would have seriously lacked both the good energy and immense talent she has to offer.

      3. Kourtney

Kourtney is a spunky fashionista willing to go to great lengths to lead her best friend, Nini, on the right path. Kourtney designed the costumes for her school’s production of High School Musical And alongside her fashion expertise, she was an incredible singer, though not quite ready for the limelight. This steadfast and spirited side character was nothing but positive for the show. 

     4. Big Red

Big Red may have begun the show as just another quirky side-character, but as the season progressed, he proved himself to be a treasured cast member. Companion to Ricky, Big Red offered him valuable advice, while also presenting the show with humor. Not only was Big Red a great friend, but he also had a blossoming relationship with Ashlyn. This created a wholesome couple that the show was craving.

  1. Seb

Though Seb’s role may be small, his impact was immense, acting as the show’s wildcard. This was demonstrated when Seb auditioned to play Sharpay Evans in his school’s musical. In addition to being a theatre geek, Seb mentioned how he lived on a farm repetitively, which created an element of surprise. Additionally, Seb and Carlos became a couple in the middle of the season, shortly after Carlos asked Seb to Homecoming. All in all, Seb was a captivating character, ready to make his mark in season two.

  1. Nini

Nini is knee-deep in boy troubles, but that doesn’t stop her from scoring the lead role in her school’s production of High School Musical. Though it is clear this character has mounds of talent, as Kourtney would put it, Nini lets boys define her. Throughout the show, she is in the middle of a love triangle involving both E.J. and Ricky, which is a recipe for disaster. Not only does she have boy troubles, but she also has issues with her theatre rival, Gina. This competition even drives Nini to steal many of Gina’s valuable items, earning her the mediocre sixth-place spot.

  1. Miss Jen

With a passion for performing, Miss Jen is a peculiar yet determined theatre teacher. Though it is obvious she cares about her pupils very much, she isn’t the best role model. The reasoning behind this is clear when it was revealed that Miss Jen lied about all her teaching credentials. Not only did she lie about her resume, but when she got caught, her students had to perform in order to convince the school board that she is a valuable teacher. All in all, Miss Jen seems to be stuck in her glory days, but that doesn’t hinge on her ability to put on a successful musical.

  1. Richard (Ricky) Bowen

Ricky spends the whole series in pursuit of winning back Nini. At the start of the show, Nini confesses her love for Ricky, and while he reciprocates the same feelings, he can’t bring himself to tell her. Instead, he tells Nini they should go on a break. This breaks Nini’s heart, beginning the infamous love triangle. Nini’s new boyfriend reminds Ricky just how much he wants to be with Nini. Ricky goes to great lengths to get her back. He even auditioned for the musical and, shockingly, landed the role. Though it’s clear this character cares a lot about Nini, breaking her heart in the first place is why he’s ranked so low. 

  1. Gina Porter

Gina was a complex and reserved character, to say the least. She begins the show as a bratty and stuck-up performer but throughout the series, more of her true character is revealed. After auditioning for the school musical, only to realize Nini got the lead instead of her, Gina spends the series plotting to find a way to steal the role. Though she spends the majority of the show yearning for Nini’s role, we get to see another layer of her character when it is revealed she has to move schools, yet again, for the sixth year in a row. However, she does make a comeback to perform in the school musical, finally accepting that Nini earned the lead, and even befriending her. Throughout the show, it is clear that she gained maturity, but this still doesn’t make up for her past actions.

  1. E.J. Caswell

E.J. is most known in the show as a possessive liar due to many events concerning his relationship with Nini. As the show progresses, he grows more and more envious of Nini’s past with Ricky. At one point, he even goes to great lengths such as stealing her phone to be sure nothing is still occurring between her and Ricky. Not only is this just wrong, but it’s illegal. Taking it further, E.J. pairs with Gina to steal the lead roles from Nini and Ricky which in the end, did not work. Though E.J. made many unforgivable mistakes he attempted to make them right by the end of the show by confessing every lie he ever told. This resulted in E.J. getting both backlash and forgiveness from his peers. Though he apologized, his mistakes were still inexcusable which is why E.J. is at number ten. 

  1. Mr. Benjamin Mazzara

Playing as the main antagonist of the show, Mr. Mazara works to get Miss Jen fired and thus attempted to cancel the musical. It is revealed that the reason behind this resentment was all because he wanted more students to join his robotics team, rather than the school musical. Though in hindsight it may have seemed like an issue, Mr. Mazara turned out to be harmless and played quite a small role in the show.