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Justin Worden

Justin Worden, managing-editor

   Justin Ryan Worden is a senior, and the newspaper's managing editor. Apart from writing phenomenal stories, Justin is a major history buff. He even aspires to be a U.S. history teacher when he graduates college. Not only does Justin love learning about U.S. history, but he enjoys drawing it too. He has created many art pieces representing important protests from throughout American history. Some protests he has made art for include the Vietnam War, civil rights, gay rights, and women’s suffrage. 


   A history fact that Justin finds very interesting is when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Senator Bobby Kennedy was giving a political speech when he was given the shocking information. He proceeded to announce MLK’s death to the crowd that was attending. 


   Apart from his impressive knowledge of history, and his artistic abilities, Justin is also a fan of dozens of television shows. Some of his favorite TV series include, Naruto, Stranger Things, Turn, The Walking Dead, Brooklyn 99, The Vampire Diaries, and many more! However, out of all the TV shows he has seen, Justin’s favorite of all time would have to be The Office. He is a firm believer that not only is The Office the best comedic show that there is, but that it is also the best show to ever exist, period. 


   Justin is also a consistent reader and read four books over summer break alone! When he was younger, Justin was mainly a fan of fiction books, his favorite being the book series Haddix Among the Hidden. Haddix among the Hidden is a series about an alternate universe in which you were only allowed to have two children, however, one family ends up having three kids. This leads to many problems and adventures!


   An interesting fact about Justin would be that he is a twin. Justin’s twin is named Josh, and not only are they brothers, but they are also best friends. “The best part about having a twin is the bond because they know you just as much as you know yourself,” Worden said. 


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Justin Worden